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Dear Parents 

It is our pleasure to have your child with us. We are confident that your ward will imbibe happiness and creativity in our carefully created environment. We would like to regard our school as the child's other home to which she/he will turn with her/his joys and sorrows, hopes and fears.
We would like to acquaint you with our own approach to your child's education. We have adopted the fundamental D.A.V. Philosophy which unifies the nationwide D.A.V. network. The D.A.V. Philosophy is that in the process of moulding our children we accept not only the best that the western education has to offer but also integrate it with the basic values of our ancient cultural heritage. We follow the path chalked out by the great Maharishi Dayanand who, while firmly keeping his feet implanted in the cultured soil of this great nation, never felt inhibited in accepting the positive values of the west.
A very special aspect of our educational technology is that the task of school is not only limited to impart academic skills to its pupils but it also extends to help them to become happy, satisfied and responsible citizens. We expect them to learn to care for others as much as they care for themselves. We consider it our basic responsibility to help them grow into compassionate beings committed to improve the quality of life around them.
Dear Parents, let we at school and you at home, create for our children an environment which is conducive for their growth into integrated personalities and citizens useful to their community and to their country.
We also believe that we can create such an environment only if we recognize clearly the fact that each child is a unique personality and identical copy of which does not exist and has never existed. It is our special responsibility to bring out the unique personality trait in each child and nourish it to grow till her/his full potential is realized. We expect that you will extend full co-operation to make our joint venture successful.

It is our proud privilege to be entrusted with the noble task of educating intensely alive and fertile young minds. We are guided and channelized by the creative minds and efforts of prominent educationists, Senior police officers and the representative of DAV CMC, New Delhi. As the recently appointed Principal of this involving educational institution, I assure you that your wards would receive honest care, sensitive support and expert guidance to prepare them for global citizenship. I invite all those who want to excel and win to join us in our voyage to the renaissance of learning for a highly rewarding and enjoyable intellectual marathon.

With regards
M.Sc., M.Phil.,

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